February 2024 Ananya presents her dextran hydrogel work at ORS in Long Beach, CA!


October 2023 The lab attends BMES annual meeting and Garrett gives his first BMES presentation!

October 2023 Garrett and Dr. Driscoll present and give a demonstration at the Tallahassee Science Festival.

September 2023 Chay and Dr. Driscoll present a poster at the Tallahassee Bioengineering Symposium

August 2023 Garrett and Dr. Driscoll give a Challenger Learning Center lecture and demonstration on hydrogels and fibrosis.

July 2023 Ananya's Paper is published in Journal of Orthopaedic Research!  (Link)

May 2023 Garrett passess his preliminary exam, congratulations!

April  2023 Our outstanding undergraduate, Blake Heath, wins 2nd place in STEM at the 2023 FAMU Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Congratulations Blake!

March 2023 Our collaborative work with Dr. Judy Delp was awarded an NIH R01 from NHLBI (Press Release)

February 2023 Our Rickards High School Student, Eric Zeng, wins 3rd place in the regional science fair!  Congratulations Eric!

January 2023 Garrett McDaniel officially joins the Driscoll Lab as a first year PhD student!


December 2022 Our collaborative work with the Li Lab is published in Advanced Helthcare Materials and Biochemical Engineering Journal.

November 2022 Amir successfully defends his Master's thesis.  Congratulations Amir!

November 2022 Ananya successfully defends her Master's thesis.  Congratulations Ananya!

October 2022 Ananya delivers the lab's first podium presentation at BMES 2022 in San Antonio Texas.

April 2022 Drs. Li, Grant, Zhou, and Driscoll are awarded an NIH R01 from NINDS  (Press Release)


December 2021 Ananya and Amir pass their preliminary exams, congratulations!

October 2021 Our collaboratrive work with Tamara Bidone on integrin activation in mechanosensing is published in Biophysical Journal.

July 2021 Our collaborative work with the Mani Lab on muatations in familial atrial fibrillation is published in Human Mutation.

January 2021 Ananya Naha and Amir Sadeghifar officially join the Driscoll Lab!  


December 2020 Our work on force transfer in focal adhesions is published in PNAS.

August 2020 Driscoll lab officially opens!